Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Losing Weight is Costly

Since my daughter and son-in-law were on the Eat to Live vegan diet, the issue of losing weight is heavy on my mind. So I went to the super market to look for foods that will help me to lose weight. It is hilarious to notice how many things which are attractive contribute to weight gain...colorful juices, bags of chips in fluffy bags, butter, cheese, huge bags of candy, colorful boxes of cereal, ice cold soda, exotic wines with gnarly names, and cartons of beer selling the cool relaxation under the palm trees. Don't forget that when you want to go to the reefer that stores the low fat yogurt in KTA, you have to pass the bakery department with cream filled croissants, donuts, cakes, and pies. This is torture!! The other consideration is that going on a diet is costly. Buying fruits and fresh vegetables can add up to a pretty penny. Regular fruits and vegetables versus ORGANIC fruits and vegetables. The sign says, "Try it and taste the difference!" For 75 cents less, I will settle for good old non-organic fruits. What is the problem with us??!! If we are so fat, why don't we eat less? People are starving in Africa for goodness sake!! They don't have much money and they don't have to worry about obesity. What is our hangup? Do we have to pay Jenny Craig to lose weight? Just eat less. But it seems that this common sense answer is not working. Look at the weight loss industry in America. The companies must make millions off of the jiggling fat of millions of people who just won't eat less. I am going to solve this problem for myself...I am going to use a smaller dinner plate. Do you think I will be successful?

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