Thursday, December 12, 2013

The After Frenzy Let-Down

Ain't it funny that we are often at a loss as to what to do after a frenzy of activities such as the meal prep for Thanksgiving, or the Christmas shopping, or preparation for a great party? After weeks of planning and research, work on various projects....BOOM! Everything comes to a standstill when the event is over. Dealing with the empty calendar, the quiet in the house, the blank to do list is an awesome prospect. Dealing with positive stress really has its benefits. Something to look forward to every morning. The satisfaction of getting something done during the day. The big black slash on the to do list of items which needed to be finished yesterday. There is a sense of a rush. While the measured tick-tocks of the clock cannot be stopped, forward movement is possible. There is a sense of self satisfaction. When thinking about the lack of direction, what is a person to do? Why plan a new project and get cracking! Admit it...we all live for positive stress!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Time is More Valuable than Money

     Now that I am retired, I am thinking that I have more time to do stuff.  More time to read.  More time to sew.  More time to write.  More time to work on my two renshi groups.  More time to exercise.  More, more, more time...but not!
     I am so busy.  I am just hoping that I am busy doing productive things.  One of my goals is to write in my blog at least once a month. is October 25th and I am just starting to write for my blog on life's ironies.  I really don't know how I had time to work between the years of 1971 and 2008!!

     Now that I am retired, I am realizing that TIME is more valuable than money.  We can survive with little money but we cannot make up for time lost.  I remember my mom harping on this concept that "Time does not wait..." "shun-shun, hurry up and get things done."  Now I see the wisdom of her words.  I guess this is the reason why I really appreciate handmade, homemade things.  I know that the person who made the item put in time and thought to make the sweet something whether it is one of Pua O'Mahoney's chocolate banana breads, my grandsons' action pictures, a little bag sewn by my quilter friend Polly Hiltibrand, or a note scribbled by my favorite sister, the Rose of Kawela.

     In this days of rushing from place to place, it is nice to just sit down with a cup of coffee and just drink up the beauty outside the window.  This short respite from doing things can fill one's soul with peace and tranquility and these are treasures to cherish.  Although this discussion seems to be contradictory, the emphasis is on creating a quality time of life.  Life is indeed to be lived.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Island People Should Try a Mainland Road Trip!

     In Hawaii, we are always crabbing about how much gas costs.  Just the other day, a gallon of gas cost $4.79 in Hilo.  Yet, if we were in Europe, gas or petrol is so much more expense and they sell the gas by liters and not gallons.

     In September, we took a trip to the mainland and traveled by car from Indianapolis, Indiana to Kentucky and ended up in Columbus, Ohio.  We filled up the car gas tank three times for a total of $73 for all the miles we traveled!!  We rented a Toyota Yaris which was a gas saver.  The rental company employee asked us if we wanted an upgrade which meant a bigger car with a bigger appetite for  fuel.  Nope...the Yaris was just fine with us.  Driving on the Interstate Highways of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio can be somewhat hairy since people do not seem to observe the speed limits.  Then there are those huge Mac trucks and we were quite uncomfortable about being the filling in a semi-truck sandwich.  But as a whole, we found that the professional truck drivers know their stuff and we've been in situations when we have tailed these humongous trucks for miles, and miles and miles.

     A big factor for our courage (and success) is the printout of Goggle maps from one destination to the next.  Once you get the hang of using these directions, driving is so easy.  We did the printouts as sometimes glitches on the phone can get us in trouble.  Being old codgers, holding onto the map and directions provided a sense of security.

     Driving through these states enabled us to eat at the restaurants we see advertised on TV but not available in Hawaii.  We also got to see the countryside.  It is wondrous to see sites what we might only see on TV such as Riverside Stadium in Cincinnati, the beginning of the fall colors, wildflowers, and animals.

     By the way, the cheapest price for gas we saw was in Indiana for $3.22.  Whoooo hoooo!

      It is a joy indeed.  You should try it sometime.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Battle for the Buck

On a recent trip to Oahu, I learned that it would cost a minimum of $92 for a car rental and more since we would be needing the car a few hours beyond the 24 hour period.  So let's say that the cost is about $125 for the time on Oahu.  Then the hotel charges $20 for parking, tip for the valet, and street parking charges say $5.  This brings the total to $150 for the convenience of having a car.  Add to this amount, the stress of trying to remember which off and onramps are the best for getting where you want to go...the total is a whole lot of money and stress.

We ended up settling for some alternatives.  Upon our arrival, we decided to catch the speedishuttle to our hotel. To catch a shuttle bus, check the SpeediShuttle kiosk by the baggage claim area.   For the two of us, it cost $29.10 and we were the first to be dropped off at the Ala Moana Hotel.  We gave the driver a $2 tip.  We walked to the Ala Moana Shopping Center so it was convenient for whatever shopping we wanted to do.  We could have purchased a round trip on the shuttle bus but wanted to keep our return trip flexible so only purchased a one way ticket.

On the ride back to the airport, we decided to catch a cab from the Ala Moana Hotel.  Since we had some slack time between checkout and our flight time, we checked our bags at the bell desk and walked back to the shopping mall and took our time looking around, watching people, having a cup of coffee, and meandering.  Before we knew it, it was time to hele on.  We walked back to the hotel and caught the cab.  We rode on TheCab which hasn't raised its prices like Charley's and Independent.  Drop off at the Hawaiian Airlines curb cost $31.10 plus a $5 tip.

We saved money and saved ourselves a whole lot of stress in driving!! We also walked a lot to and from the hotel and the various stores in the shopping center and that is a good thing.   I think that the rent a car businesses may be pricing themselves out of business if they don't wise up.  Consider alternatives while in might learn something!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Overstuffed Plate? One Spoonful at a Time

     Ain't it funny how sometimes you might feel like a SuperPower ready to take on the World!!  It is a delusion, a hallucination to be sure because you cannot do everything for everybody!  Yet there are times when you fail to listen to reason and obey the prodding of Pride.

     And what does that get you?  A whole lot of stress...that's what!

     Having survived a semester with nine credits in art, an internship for 126 hours, and sewing my 'elemu off for the 50th Merrie Monarch Festival...I'll have to say that I am a maniac for taking on all of that in the first place!  But things are winding down and I now can comment on the three things I learned this semester.

1.  Tackle one thing at a time and when it is completed, mark it off the list with a wide marking pen.

2.  Work forward rather than working to catch up.

3.  Take time to relax, even if it is only for 10-15 minutes.  (Sharpen your ax, you can cut a whole lot of wood with a sharp ax!)

     If ever, you hear me talking like a lunatic again, remind me that I am a crazy fool and hopefully, I'll listen to you.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Planning for one's demise

     It is often a burden, thinking about the end of one's life.  We all don't want to do it.  We all don't want to think about it...for ourselves and our loved ones.  But it has to be done, some time.

     Not wanting to burden our children, we made up our minds to take care of the situation by going to a mortuary to purchase a funeral plan.  I thought that the funeral cost would be exorbitant judging from what I knew about other people's experiences...$500 for a cardboard casket for cremation?

     So we talked things over and opted for a simple process - cremation, services at our church, and scattering of our ashes.  The cost was $1500 to be paid over 10 years at  $12 a month.  Now is that a deal or what?

     Since we were on the train of thought, we decided to document our Demise Party Plans.  We both wanted to have the gathering a celebration rather than a sorrowful event marking our demise.  We jotted down our thoughts, listed the hymns to be sung, noted the specific details we wanted done. We emailed our plans to our kids and that was that.

     After all of that, it is amazing how liberated we feel.  Just one more thing done on our endless checklist of things.