Thursday, December 12, 2013

The After Frenzy Let-Down

Ain't it funny that we are often at a loss as to what to do after a frenzy of activities such as the meal prep for Thanksgiving, or the Christmas shopping, or preparation for a great party? After weeks of planning and research, work on various projects....BOOM! Everything comes to a standstill when the event is over. Dealing with the empty calendar, the quiet in the house, the blank to do list is an awesome prospect. Dealing with positive stress really has its benefits. Something to look forward to every morning. The satisfaction of getting something done during the day. The big black slash on the to do list of items which needed to be finished yesterday. There is a sense of a rush. While the measured tick-tocks of the clock cannot be stopped, forward movement is possible. There is a sense of self satisfaction. When thinking about the lack of direction, what is a person to do? Why plan a new project and get cracking! Admit it...we all live for positive stress!

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