Friday, October 25, 2013

Time is More Valuable than Money

     Now that I am retired, I am thinking that I have more time to do stuff.  More time to read.  More time to sew.  More time to write.  More time to work on my two renshi groups.  More time to exercise.  More, more, more time...but not!
     I am so busy.  I am just hoping that I am busy doing productive things.  One of my goals is to write in my blog at least once a month. is October 25th and I am just starting to write for my blog on life's ironies.  I really don't know how I had time to work between the years of 1971 and 2008!!

     Now that I am retired, I am realizing that TIME is more valuable than money.  We can survive with little money but we cannot make up for time lost.  I remember my mom harping on this concept that "Time does not wait..." "shun-shun, hurry up and get things done."  Now I see the wisdom of her words.  I guess this is the reason why I really appreciate handmade, homemade things.  I know that the person who made the item put in time and thought to make the sweet something whether it is one of Pua O'Mahoney's chocolate banana breads, my grandsons' action pictures, a little bag sewn by my quilter friend Polly Hiltibrand, or a note scribbled by my favorite sister, the Rose of Kawela.

     In this days of rushing from place to place, it is nice to just sit down with a cup of coffee and just drink up the beauty outside the window.  This short respite from doing things can fill one's soul with peace and tranquility and these are treasures to cherish.  Although this discussion seems to be contradictory, the emphasis is on creating a quality time of life.  Life is indeed to be lived.

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