Saturday, May 4, 2013

Overstuffed Plate? One Spoonful at a Time

     Ain't it funny how sometimes you might feel like a SuperPower ready to take on the World!!  It is a delusion, a hallucination to be sure because you cannot do everything for everybody!  Yet there are times when you fail to listen to reason and obey the prodding of Pride.

     And what does that get you?  A whole lot of stress...that's what!

     Having survived a semester with nine credits in art, an internship for 126 hours, and sewing my 'elemu off for the 50th Merrie Monarch Festival...I'll have to say that I am a maniac for taking on all of that in the first place!  But things are winding down and I now can comment on the three things I learned this semester.

1.  Tackle one thing at a time and when it is completed, mark it off the list with a wide marking pen.

2.  Work forward rather than working to catch up.

3.  Take time to relax, even if it is only for 10-15 minutes.  (Sharpen your ax, you can cut a whole lot of wood with a sharp ax!)

     If ever, you hear me talking like a lunatic again, remind me that I am a crazy fool and hopefully, I'll listen to you.

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