Sunday, February 1, 2015

Getting into a Tizzy

     It seems that there are more and more occasions when people get into a buying tizzy incited by commercial promotions.  Valentines' Day displays out in January.  Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, Saint Patrick's Day, Mardi Gras and not to forget the biggest promotion...Christmas which begins in October.

     When the store displays go up, there is a reason to pay attention to the impending holiday or event and buy, buy, buy!!  The anticipation, the planning, the shopping list, the mad dash to shop in crowded stores are all part of the hype.  The event comes....and goes.  Then there is a quiet period of asking yourself, "Now what?"  A psychological letdown....until the next event.

     I find it ironically amusing that the biggest buyers are often the people who are flashing their food stamp cards throughout the year.  They buy fireworks, shrimp, lobster, and things I wouldn't buy because I am trying to save my money.
      I truly wonder who are the people with the smarts...those of us who are educated, working hard without taking sick leave, and generally busting their butts or those who are on the welfare program.  I can understand if a family has a tough time and needs some help to get their feet on the ground but multi-generational welfare families?  Some is wrong with that. Apparently, there are people who read all the governmental policies and regulations and can live a life without working.

     It must be a boring lifestyle not to be able to contribute to the good of the community.  But that is just me talking.

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