Friday, July 10, 2009

E Mililani Kakou

Did I tell you that I am conducting guerilla warfare against negativity? We are inundated by gloom and doom in the newspaper, on TV...the economy, lack of money and jobs, crime, drugs, people being nasty to each other. How can we even be hopeful when we are being crushed under negative, hope robbing information.

Therefore my campaign for positivity started with a public declaration. Now what I am doing is giving people I know a bumper sticker that says, "E mililani kakou....Let's all give thanks." I have a little saying posted near my desk that reminds me that "All sorrow disappears in the awareness of your blessings." For that, how can we not give thanks. From my office window, I can see the green pasture, the horses that come to graze, the leaves from the tall eucalyptus trees flitting down to earth like single winged butterflies, the gentle rains.

I am going to see how many people put the bumper sticker on their cars. I am going to see how many people take on the phrase or comment on it. "E mililani kakou" I am going to see how many people will join in by publicly declaring to battle negativity by the campaign to spread the attitude of gratitude. We cannot wait for others to begin change. Change begins with us. This very minute!!

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