Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Mysterious Refrigerator Raider

Have you ever been plagued by a mysterious raider who steals delectable tidbits from your refrigerator during the dead of night? Remember the piece of chocolate dobash cake that you preciously wrapped and lovingly brought home to eat later after the party? You get your glass of ice cold milk ready and can just about taste the dark chocolate frosting being swirled around your mouth with the creamy swallow of milk. You step to the refrigerator door and yank it open. Where is the cake? You slam things around, looking behind bottles of who knows what, and plastic containers of dessicated treasures from weeks ago....

No cake! Perhaps you made a mistake! Another round of slamming things around here and there. Still no cake!! Disappointment, devastation, depression.

The question is: Who ate my cake?

You stare down all the members of your family. Your husband...he wouldn't dare! Your daughter...nah...she's on a diet! Your son...he hasn't come home from soccer practice, there is too much food still left in the refrigerator. Your, you hid it out of sight.

Hmmmm...the question remains, Who ate my cake?

Friend...accept the fact that there is a mysterious refrigerator raider in the neighborhood who reads our minds and selects the choicest tidbits to steal away in the dead of night.

This afternoon, we are going to dinner to my daughter's house. I had made a salad with corn, beans, sweet peppers, and feta cheese for a picnic yesterday and I made a separate container for our home for Sunday. I promised my daughter we would bring the corn salad. I checked my refrigerator and could not find the salad. I slammed things around. Still no salad.

"Eh Don, did you see the container of corn salad?" I shouted as my husband was going out the door.
"Oh...I ate it," he said matter of factly as if I should have known this fact.
"Did you eat the whole container of salad?" I asked incredulously figuring out that this was about three or four cups of salad in the container.
" Yeah...there wasn't much in the container...I thought it was a leftover," he replied, cocking his head like an inquisitive dog wondering why there was an edge of anger in my voice.

Now I knew who are the corn salad. I will have to scrounge around my cupboard and come up with another salad for Cathy's Sunday Night dinner.

But I still want to know who ate my cake!!

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