Friday, July 16, 2010

In the Miso Soup

Read a weird book, In the Miso Soup, by Ryu Murasaki. This Japanese writer writes about the sex tours in Japan. The tour guide named Kenji meets a strange American named Frank whom Kenji suspects as a serial murderer. Does Kenji do the prudent thing like avoid Frank? Nope, Kenji, the dope, keeps his promise to meet Frank for three nights with each night getting stranger and stranger by the moment.

Frank kills several people in an omiai club. Does Kenji do the proper thing like tell the police? Nope, Kenji, the dope, follows Frank to an abandoned warehouse where there are clues that violence took place in this location and sleeps over.

The craziest thing is that although the book was so weird and violent, I kept reading it until the very end. So who's the dope in the end? I guess I am but the last lines of the book were the most rewarding. I won't tell'll have to find out for yourself. It will definitely make you scratch your head and say, "Hah?"

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