Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Forbidden Luxuries

Have you ever had the feeling that your free moments were a luxury that was not to be? You are feeling carefree and invigorated by just being able to take a breath, perhaps sit in the sunshine and feel the breezes whisper past you? This is too good to be true, you think to yourself. Oh well, enjoy the moment!!

Then CRASH!!! BOOM!!! GAZOOM!!!! Hours later, you find out that the time you had luxuriating should have been spent at a meeting or doing something that was due? Bummer to the maximum!!

In my old age, I am finding that time is more valuable than money. Time spent with loved ones. Time spent just talking and perhaps enjoying a cup of coffee. Time to sleep in the sunshine. Time to sleep late. Time to enjoy a morning sunrise or an evening moonrise. Indeed, my mother's admonition, "Time waits for no man," may be true but what I am also finding out is that I don't need to fill my time with THINGS TO ACCOMPLISH, PLACES TO BE, OR PEOPLE TO SEE. There is a time for everything and I give myself permission to spend the time relaxing and enjoying the moment. Learn from me and I give YOU permission to sit around and do what others may perceive as just doing nothing but enjoying the moment!!


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