Friday, March 11, 2011

Lax Action

Last night there was a huge earthquake in Japan (8.9) which caused a tsunami or tidal wave to be generated. The news showed devastating damage as the huge waves washed across the roads and farmlands, carrying homes, ships, and cars as though they were plastic toys.

The Hawaii TV stations showed the action and the information was given about the approximate arrival time of the tidal wave in Hawaii. Boat owners were encouraged to pilot their boats into the open ocean to avoid damage.

When we got up, we heard about boats on Oahu which were left in the harbor. In fact, we saw clips of people shouting to boat owners to get off of the boats as big waves were coming. Okay...there's a tidal wave coming. What were these boat owners thinking?

We forget about the power of Nature. We can never take the awesome force of Nature too lightly. Though we may think we are so smart, it is amazing how stupid we are at times!!

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