Friday, April 22, 2011

BeBe Gets a Ticket

Our burgundy Mercedes has been ill and needed to go to the car doctor. We sent her to a mechanic the week before the SuperBowl and that is in January, folks! She stayed in the shop until April because a part needed to be ordered from Germany. According to our mechanic, this was the first time this particular part was ordered from the State of Hawaii.

I had the car for two weeks and yesterday when I was driving home, I see a cop's car behind me. I look in the rear view mirror and he follows. Then I see the dreaded blue light.....FLASHING!!

Damn...millions of cars pass as he collects my documents and writes out the ticket for an expired safety check which needed to be done in January!! So $70 later, I get the understanding of irony in my own life!!

What's up with that?

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