Sunday, May 6, 2012

Private Property, Public Spaces

     Being raised in the country where a hedge or a line of ti leaf plants might mark the boundary, I cannot get accustomed to people fencing off their properties.  I can understand if one is a farmer or rancher and the fencing is necessary to keep out packs of wild dogs or marauding wild pigs.  But to have a house built in a subdivision sparsely settled, then erecting a chain link fence with a gate and then putting a big sign "PRIVATE PROPERTY" seems to be an overstatement.  What public property would go to such measures.

     But on second thought, there are schools that fence people out during the nonschool hours.  Consider Mountain View Elementary with its maze of chain link fences and many gates.  How much does it cost to fabricate and install these gates?  In a district with so few public parks in Upper Puna, we need to work on creating public spaces where people can come and enjoy recreational pursuits such as picnics, sporting activities, or open areas when the children are allowed to run around in the sun.  Being on the Windward side, picnic pavillions would be great.  Is it too much to dream of a swimming pool heated by photo voltaic panels?  Dreams are the inspiration for action.  With community support, we can do something about this issue.

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