Friday, June 22, 2012

Another Bright Idea

     Bright ideas, I'm full of them.  I like the process of figuring out how to plan something.  The most fun is planning monkey business.  Doing something crazy or unusual is fun.  I am always amazed that some people are resistant to participating in monkey business.  What do you lose by having fun, making a fool of yourself, laughing until your face hurts?  Even when doing some serious, one can have a blast learning and interacting.

     I planned a really rich learning experience and had only three nibbles of interest.  "Oh, the timing is not right," couple people said.  But then when is the timing ever perfect?  "Oh, people don't have money these days," others mentioned.  But have you ever looked at the restaurant parking lots on Friday nights...they are packed.  In order to make money, one needs to spend money.  So I cancelled the event only to have someone express interest in signing up the day before the event.

     What did I learn from this experience?  1)  Never be afraid to chance 'em.  Give it a try.  I found that a number of people were intrigued by the possibilities.  2)  Minimize pre-event costs when possible.  Don't go out a buy a laptop for a workshop that never happened.  3)Try a different time of the year just in case the naysayers are right about timing.  It was lucky that I kept my expenditures down so did not suffer a loss.  The outcome is that now I have a free weekend to myself.  There is a positive ending to this scheme.

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