Monday, July 16, 2012

Gratitude from Adversity

     Our daughter Sunny and her husband are hard working parents of three little boys, 7, 6, and 1.  Byron works two jobs and Sunny works full time and is taking courses to improve her work options.  Last Monday, a fire in their condominium in Wailuku, Maui turned their world upside down.  But instead of cursing their predicament, Sunny is filled with gratitude and is praising God for his presence in their lives.  What?  Gratitude and Praise for a fire?

     There are no random coincidences in life.  Things happen as part of God's plan for our lives.  The fire flared up after Sunny and Byron were at work.  The two older boys were at their summer program.  The baby was at the sitter's house.  Their downstairs neighbor noticed the fire and called the fire department.  By 8:30 am when Sunny got a call, the fire and police departments were already at the house.

     Had the fire occurred in the evening or early morning hours, this family might have been trapped as the fire was in the kitchen which is next to the front door.  They live on the second floor and did not have ladders to safely transport all three boys down.  His timing was impeccable and the safety of the family was assured.

     Now what is left is for the family to go through the rubble to salvage whatever is possible.  Loving family members, and friends have offered help to this family.  Many people are praying that the aftermath of the fire with the insurance and paperwork will be favorable to them.  What else can one do but be grateful.  It is funny how things in life do turn out.  E mililani kakou!  Let's all give thanks and praise to God.

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